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I can be reached via email at or You can leave a voicemail for me on my Seattle number (206) 734-3065.


Devi and Sri Shastriji, October 2008


My Lineages:

I have multiple lineages, all with several branches. Gina Salá is my Guruji on the Sacred Sound path. She introduced me to mantra, and I healed my body with it. I have since gone to India and studied under several of her teachers. Pictured here is me after my Kundalini initiation with Sri Vagish Shastriji in Varanasi in October 2008, whom I also study Sanskrit with. I have studied beginning Raga with Sri Ritvik Sanyalji and Sri Anup Misraji in Varanasi. All of the aforementioned teachers are from my association with Ginaji.

Ginaji's Advaita Vedanta teacher was Papaji, and Papaji's guru was Sri Ramana Maharshi. I consider this my lineage as well and have a direct relationship with Sri Ramana after visiting Thiruvannamalai and Mt. Arunachala in 2008.


In February, 2014, I took initiation into the 4 thousand year old tantric Sri Vidya lineage receiving diksha from Matt Huish. I've studied deeply with Mattji for over a year, deepening in these potent tantra rituals. Matt's guruji, the current lineage holder in the Dattatreya lineage, is Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati of Devipuram, near Vishakaputnam, India. I spent a week at Devipuram in December, 2014 and received additional mantra diksha from Guruji.

I have studed Naada Yoga in Varanasi with Paulo Alvarez, who is in the lineages of Vemu Mukunda, Frederick Leboyer, Tran Qiuam Hai, Pandit Shivnath Mishra, Budadittya Mukerjee and Tublu Bannerjee.

I have also studied Naad Yoga and Kundalini Yoga with the Sikhs in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan.

I am a Reiki Master of the Third Degree in the Usui Lineage.


Mini Bio:

My passions are chanting in Sanskrit and facilitating communication via graphic art and website services between healers, artists and mystics and the people who can benefit from their services. In six weeks, I healed an eight and a half year bout of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia through Bhakti Yoga (devotional chanting), Spiritual Practice (Science of Mind), Feldenkrais (Awareness Through Movement), and singing. I want to do whatever I can so that other people know about and have access to the transformative power that lies within them.

Devi Bhaktananda

After being a Senior Network Engineer in Corporate America in Virginia for decades, in 2004 I realized a passion for the non-profit sector. From 2004 - 2006, I made my living as an independent computer consultant on both coasts, serving small businesses and non-profits who are engaged in making this world a better place.

In 2006 I took a full time staff position doing data network consulting and support at NPower Seattle. After 2 years, I resigned my position at NPower Seattle, went back to school full time and started transitioning Westbecks into Blue Lotus Bhakti, where my focus is on web development work for healers, artists and mystics in addition to promoting bhakti yoga and sound healing while still doing some IT technical support. Trips to India in 2007 and 2008 had a profound effect and have influenced this newest chapter in my life. I maintained a 4.0 GPA earning an Internet and Website Development certificate in '08/'09, even while in India. In 2010 and most of 2011, I was going to school full time maintaining a 4.0GPA in my BA program in Marketing and Public Relations, while also enrolled full time in Religious Science Practitioner's Studies, enrolled in Gina Salá's year long Sacred Sound School. During this time I was also teaching Sacred Sound Workshops, offering community ashram and temple space, running my computer support and website development businesses, singing in community at church and leading community kirtan, and I produced and sang in a New Thought concert. In late 2011, I returned to India where I have been studying Sanskrit, Naada Yoga, and other Sacred Sound practices as well as offering kirtan and Sacred Sound experiential playshops in Thiruvannamalai, Mysore, and Almora.

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